About the JVL Lifestyle and Fitness Challenge

JVL-Poster-RichardThe JVL challenge kicks off at the end of February 2013 and YOU better be ready to start living YOUR best life with JVL and get ready to reach your goals in this New Year! The launch of the very first JVL challenge will feature special celebrity guest fitness stars and additional surprises that will be revealed as the show progress. JVL has created a proven approach to weight-loss and we are proud to boast that our clients have seen their results!  The JVL method and step-by-step plan includes customized nutrition guidelines, killer exercises and some JVL-tough-love motivation. Why stand on the sidelines watching others live YOUR dream? Your success story is awaiting and you better believe that you were meant to live a victorious life. The JVL challenge can show you how to do just that!  Its cameras, lights and weight-loss time here at JVL and we want you to sweat for your dreams! This challenge especially caters for those of you who already have too much on your plate, mind the pun, and who refuse to listen to their own excuses any longer of why they are just too busy to be in the shape they have always dreamt of being in.

Too Busy to Train?

We have that covered! This challenge will provide you with a training program to follow over the course of the 100 days and beyond. Furthermore, we have aligned ourselves with some of the top trainers in Pretoria who are standing by to assist you and offer you some sweat breaking sessions to speed up this process for you. During this period there will be, an estimated amount of, 5 group classes and weigh-in sessions. This option will be exclusive to the individuals training with a personal trainer. But, if you prefer to go the online route or train by yourself, do not despair as these individuals can stick to a strict training schedule by following the training program as mentioned earlier. The challenge will be screened on YouTube and you are also urged to follow our training sessions on YouTube to better your individual sessions and to make sure that your training energy is up to the JVL recommended standard. If you do not train with a trainer or do not train in accorance to what we "prescribe", we cannot assure you your weight-loss!

Website and Individual challengers:

  • Will receive a general training program and one group session.
  • Premier challenger:
  • Training program;
  • Compulsory 5 group classes and weigh-in sessions;
  • Your personal trainer will arrange your personal sessions with you (additional payment to this);
  • Will be filmed for YouTube.
  • You and your trainer will have your own interactive page on our newly launched website whereby you will be enabled to keep everyone updated as to your progress and great new life!

Too busy to eat healthy?

Website and Individual challengers:
A general eating plan will be provided and some set restrictions on what you can and cannot consume will accompany this plan. Abs are made in the kitchen and our in-house cooking team is standing by to show our exclusive challenge members how the food should be prepared at all times. You will also be introduced to the Fit Food concept and you are most welcome to also collect your weekly food from JVL (additional costs) as soon as this has been launched.

“Personal trainer/ client”:
The Fit Food concept will assist you in your weekly meals and food packages will have to be purchased via JVL for the “personal trainer/ client” entrants. Everyone else is off course welcome to join and pre-purchase their food each week as well (additional costs apply). This group of people will each receive a JVL approved eating plan that will have to be followed.  If you do not eat what and how we prescribe, we cannot assure you your weight-loss!

But what is the challenge about and how can I become the ultimate JVL ambassador?
The 100 day challenge is nothing short of a fitness challenge competing with yourself! Yes there will be a winner, but we are shifting gears and directing your attention to competing with your worst fears, haunting tight fitting jeans and beliefs in your own ability to succeed.

  1. The individual who will lose the most body fat percentage; combined with
  2. Receiving the most “unique likes” on facebook on the JVL page (we will let you know when voting for this has opened); combined with
  3. Who JVL believes will most likely become the best brand ambassador for the company;

....will in the end become the ultimate challenge winner.

In saying that, remember that there will be a winner via our online sector as well as in the category of “the individual doing it by themselves” and then off course our premier package, the personal trainer with his/ her entrant (if the PT did not pay and formally enter, he/she will not qualify for this)

Personal trainers:
Optimal exposure and marketing awaits and JVL will be referring clients to you who do not have a trainer and ultimately would want to join in with your group or one-on-one sessions. Becoming a JVL approved trainer will open new opportunities in your business and you will be aligned with a wellness company who is committed to your wellbeing. It stands to say that the trainer, whose client succeeds in becoming the winner in the challenge, will most definitely become a very well respected trainer in all the fitness circles. We urge you to enter a client into the challenge who you know will be committed to this challenge and who will follow the advise you and JVL give them. We furthermore encourage entrants to train with their trainers as many times as physically possible for them, to see optimal results. You only pay your entrance fee once off and may enter as many clients as you want. Only one client per personal trainer might get filmed depending on time constraints. You will furthermore have the luxury of becoming more interactive via your own blog-like section on our website. Keeping the public updated with your clients’ great results.
Choose your entrants wisely!

When should I be ready to go?

  1. 9 March 2013: First session for premier entrants;
  2. 23 March 2013: Website and individuals start the challenge: Weigh-in, training class day (subject to availibility of all entrants), Photo shoots etc. 2nd class for premier members together with all the rest of the challengers;
  3. 20 April 2013: 3rd class for premier members only;
  4. 25 May 2013: 4th class for premier members only;
  5. 8 June 2013: 5th class for premier members only;
  6. 15 June 2013: Premier members finish their 100 days
  7. 29 June 2013: Website and individuals finish their 100 days!
  8. 6 July 2013: Finale evening reflecting on your 100 days!

 (dates are subject to change)

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